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Simply One of the Best Horse / Equine Supplements on the Market Today for Ulcers and Cushings!

The Calcium and Minerals in MP Pellets puts the gut in an

Alkaline pH balance and repairs horse’s ulcers in about 30 days.

There are very few minerals in the feed, grain or hay. and

by supplementing, what the horse really needs, you can balance

the gut, rush minerals needed directly into the blood stream.

You will see a difference in attitude in about 5 days, the tendons

and ligaments will start to be more flexible quicker, and your horse

will start to calm down, improve stamina, endurance, muscle mass

and ever improve the hoof in about 30 days.

“With Maximum Performance Pellets, Ro & Me’s Little Big Man recovered from Ulcers and Lindsay Haupt showed him in Lexington, winning his class.” Renee Philpot trainer. “Love this product, they eat it, and it works within weeks, more flexibility in the tendons and better recovery too!”

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