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Simply One of the Best Horse / Equine Supplements on the Market Today for Ulcers and Cushings!


Why MInerals Must Be Replaced For Muscle Soreness, Ulcers, Colic, Poor Hormone Production

Stay Hungry won $600,000 using Maximum Performance Supplement with great recovery and stamina


19 Year old Mare recovered from Cushings, got in foal and delivered with No Regu-Mate!

After 4 days she fully ovulated, calmed down and was a pleasure to work with, instead of the nervous irritable filly she had been.

Recovered from Ulcer, no more tying-up, improved stamina and recovery.

Why You Must Supplement Your Horse With Minerals!

When a horse sweats, they deplete their minerals.  Today the feed and hay

have little to provide for all the horse’s needs because the soil is depleted.

Signs of depleted minerals are Ulcers, Cushings, Nervousness, Decreased

Hormone Production, Cribbing,  Irritability, Lack of Stamina, Aggressiveness

Muscle Soreness, Tying-up, Colic, Depression, Poor Hoof Quality, OCD’s,

Epiphysitis, Shallow Bone Mass, Stunted Growth to name a few.

Minerals provide the building blocks for great health in your horse.


♦ Calcium –Improves bone & tendon formation and maintenance; delivers oxygen

to the cells, reducing muscle soreness and repairs Ulcers and Cushings.

♦ Phosphorushelps to maintain bone and tendons, reducing rickets.

♦ Magnesium improves bone density,  metabolism, and reduces toxins.

♦  Iodine improves the thyroid production reducing fat, improves shedding.

and hormone production.

♦ Sodium – improves electrolytes reducing colic, muscle soreness, tying up,

kidney problems.

♦ Copper and Iron – form healthy blood cells, producing energy, and protective

covering for nerves and connective tissue.

♦ Selenium – Important for reproduction, growth, and immune function.

♦ Zinc – important for bones, healthy hooves and coat, and reproduction.



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