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Simply One of the Best Horse / Equine Supplements on the Market Today for Ulcers and Cushings!

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Irritable Mares Tying-up, with Ulcers, Supplement Calms Mares

Irritable mares are tying up with ulcers.  They are unable to ovulate because they do not have

enough calcium in their feed.  We have the supplement to help calm mares quickly!

Sable Mink blue ribbon ride

Erin’s mare, Sable Mink, was so irritable, had terrible lactic acid build-up, tying-up and no stamina. After 4 days she calmed down, started to move better, had amazing stamina after one week, and started winning.

Irritable mares are tying up with Ulcers, unable to ovulate.  They are PMSing all the time,

depressed, agitated, hard to handle, tying-up, picky eaters, .   

With the lack of minerals in today’s feed and hay, irritable mares are unable to fully ovulate. 

They are nervous, grumpy, have digestive issues, cannot concentrate on anything, and are tying-up.

They are dangerous to be around and fighting ulcers. 

The lack of Calcium in the feed is what prevents the mares from ovulating.  Maximum

Performance supplement has a chelated Calcium that is 93% digestible into the bloodstream. 

 This product works very quickly, in about 4 days, will allow a mare to ovulate, calm down and

start to save her energy for racing, showing, breeding, and everyday life.   If the mare has

an Ulcer on top of not ovulating, she will need to start on the pelletsThis will also keep them from tying-up.

Renee Philpot said,  “After 4 days Rock Your Socks Off  filly fully ovulated, calmed down and was a pleasure to work with, instead of the nervous irritable filly she had been.”  (Notice the dropped lead)

If she does not have an ulcer, she can go straight to the granular

and recover even faster.   Why not give your mare a chance to be the really sweet girl she

would like to be.  The one who stands quietly with the lead laying on the floor while you wrap her legs,

allowing other horses to stand beside her, letting the farrier trim and reset without knocking

his teeth out.  Let her save her energy for racing or showing, instead of stressing the whole time

you haul her to her next race or show, arriving exhausted. 

Questions contact Susan at 502-817-1947  #mares #irritable mares #calm mares #depressed mares #tying-up #horses repair ulcers


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