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Simply One of the Best Horse / Equine Supplements on the Market Today for Ulcers and Cushings!

The Ulcer Epidemic

Dr Joel Wallach states, “The truth is that our foods vary enormously in value, and some of them aren’t worth eating as food.”

Today we are all aware that we must supplement our horses with minerals because there are very few minerals left in the soil, and the hay and grain are not providing enough nutrition. Look at your feed tag, it has less than .80 % calcium.or 1.4 % maximum Calcium. With the high protien, and very little Calcium and minerals in the hay and grain, horses are developing Ulcers, putting them in an acid state.

How Our Ulcer Supplement Works

To heal the Ulcer the horse must be in an alkaline pH balance, and chelated Calcium is the fastest way to accomplish that.

Maximum Performance Pellets have a special process that puts the minerals right into the blood stream, getting the nutrients into the system, allowing the Ulcer to heal in about 30 days. Horses love to eat them, even when they are very picky eaters because of the Ulcer.

Feeding Directions

We suggest the pelleted version of Maximum Performance due to the sour stomach of a horse with an Ulcer, They really like to eat them, and will start to balance their pH quickly. 50lb bag, $125/ last 50 days/ $2.50 per day — We also suggest getting off sweet feed, since sugar is a known
irritant for an Ulcer, oats are much better.

Horse Ulcer Nutrition

This natural Horse Ulcer Supplement formula can: nourish tendons and ligaments, restore elasticity, get more oxygen to the cells, increase stamina, reduce lactic acid and muscle soreness’, help digestive tract work better reducing Colic, help the heart, (biggest muscle) work better, rushing nutrients to the hoof, repairing laminitis, founder, and white line disease.

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